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PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA using a sturdy grounding in performing their work to realize the vision and mission of the company by implementing corporate governance in accordance with the standards of global best practice, and  carrying the corporate values that have been owned and understood by all elements of the company, i.e. Clean, Confident, Competitive, Customer-focused, Commercial and Capable. Along with that PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA also carry on social programs and the environment so programmed and structured, as a manifestation of the concern and the responsibility of the company to all its stakeholders.

PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA set six company values which can be a guideline for all employees to carry on the company. The six values company PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA is as follows:

    Professionally managed, avoid conflict of interest, does not tolerate bribery, respect for the trust and integrity. Based on the principles of good governance participating companies.

    Able to compete in a regional and international scale, encouraging growth by investment, building cost-conscious culture and appreciate for the performance.

    Take on development of the national economy, being a pioneer in reform, and build up the nation's pride.

    Customer-oriented and committ to provide the best service to the customers.

    Create added value with a commercial orientation, taking decisions based on the principles of a healthy business.

    Managed by leaders and workers who are professional and have a high technical mastery and talent, is committ to develop research and development capabilities.

About Us

PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA is a business entity service that work in the field of construction services, Procurement, & Engineering was founded on April 12, 2012.

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