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Corporate citizenship is a major part of our business planning. Our primary responsibility is to take a regional development requirement which accentuate economic value, environmental conditions, and social conditions. Moreover, we also have a commitment to work with the high ethical standards and stillrespect for local and national culture and take a  part in helping the development of local capacity. These things work as same as a commitment to carry on the development activities that are safe for people and the environment. These values become the main spirit in the life of the company. Not just saying in a words, but we do it. We understand that people assess us not from the words, but from the action. Therefore, the high quality of the management and employees of  PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM NGASEM RAYA is the main strength of the company.


  • To realize the Vision of the company as a world class company, then the company undertook to implement and support the policy of government programs in the areas of economic and national development in General, especially in the field of construction service business.
  • Optimization of the resources owned by the company to produce the goods and/or services that are of high quality and strong competitive power and the pursuit of profit in order to increase the value of the company by applying the principles of limited liability company.


  • Runningthe core business of Construction Services, building sectorand development activity, empowerment and integrated production.
  • Establish long-term corporate strategy, namely "Aggressive programs in Upstream, Profitable Downstream in", where the company is attempting to do business expansion and make the business synergy construction sector become more efficient and profitable.
  • To provide world-class engineering, procurement, construction, and project management solutions for the energy sector & natural resources.
  • To create entire layers of an integrated group.
  • To ensure sustainable growth and profits.
  • To achieve and maintain sustainable human resource development
  • To add value for life.

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PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA is a business entity service that work in the field of construction services, Procurement, & Engineering was founded on April 12, 2012.

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JL. Angling Dharma 09 Kalitidu
Bojonegoro, East Java

Phone : ( +62353 ) 511407
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