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Our company is engaged in the field of building construction services and other civilian jobs. We committ to the development and progress for the reached a growth of development in all sectors. PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA also provides energy expertise and skilled in their field so thatwas able to complete a variety of projects are given. In the sector of development, our company always accentuate the safety of employees so that accidents in the process of project work that we are done not happened. The use of safety system always noticed and become the most important thing in the completion of the work project.

Repairment efforts and innovation according to the demands of global conditions is one of the commitments of PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA in every action to carry on strategic role in national economics. Renewable spirits that proclaimed this time is one of the prove of the commitment of PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA in creating new alternatives in the provision of human resources which more efficient and sustainable and environmentally. And finally in utilizing the resources and potential to obtain a competitive natural resources renewable and in addition to the main business that is currently running, PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA moved forward steadily to realize the vision of the company, to become a world class National construction company.

That's why we developed HSSET ;


"PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA guarantees all workers can work  healthy and with a healthy lifestyle as well".
Health is a very important Asset in the work and activities, so PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA  holding programmes to support Health workers.


"PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA ensures all employees and partners to work safely and can  return to their families at home Safely."
PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA along with management and Workers are paying attention to Safety aspects in the work and activities. Safety is a top priority that cannot be ignored, although other accomplishments in terms of production and marketing is the goal of the company. Achievement of the targets for production and marketing success will be useless if the safety aspects are not considered, therefore all employees are committ to support and attention to safety aspects in their works.


"PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA guarantees the Security of workers and partners also the Working Equipment against disturbances."
Safety in the work environment is a major factor to create a conducive Working Atmosphere thereby increasing worker productivity and Work Equipment. PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA had a Security management system that shortened the Integrated Safeguards System i.e. SMP compiled by police of RI where The Audits/verfikasi is taken by a team of police of RI routinely.


"PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA  guarantees an environmentally friendly work environment, operating without any hazardous waste and environmentally friendly and trying to press the emissions on the environment and improve energy efficiency."
Aspects of the environment has become a top priority in the company operation both in headquarters and the operating units, where the process of exploration, production, processing, distribution and storage (Storage) must set out the environmental aspects. There are environmentally friendly, without the pollution and emissions/radiation and toxic waste and increase energy consumption efficiently.


"in terms of the development of HSE Competence, PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA committ to enhancing the ability and skill of the Workers, especially in the aspects of HSE which need the requirements of both local and International."
Development of Competencies and expertise in HSE aspects are a priority in the management of human resources (HR) in PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA, so that every worker must do Mandatory Safety Training, HSE Training Module for operation and HSE Leadership Training aspect with international standards.
A worker who want to reach a higher level, they must take  HSE training Module suitable with the position that will be achieved within a specified time.

We realize that the strong intention of all stakeholders to maintain and develop the PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA as a economy powerhouse. We also hope the transformation to the future can work so well, so PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA can answer the expectations of our stakeholders by being a powerhouse of the national economy in the true meaning.

We have established a roadmap for the next 15 years to become the world class national oil company after the basis of transformation has been taken.

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PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA is a business entity service that work in the field of construction services, Procurement, & Engineering was founded on April 12, 2012.

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