Togetherness PT DAYA PATRA NR Through The Outbound

#dpnr#, 20 Februari 2014

Togetherness and good cooperation within organizations is an imperative in improving employee performance and outputs of the organization. Therefore, PT DAYA PATRA NR as a company that has a high activity and high output anyway, then the management make an outbound event is one of a series of Management Review activities.

On Tuesday, Februari 05, 2012, all employees at PT DAYA PATRA, NR.9 outbound activities located at Tuban Beach Sowan, East Java. This activity is one of the activities of the Management Review activities which is the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of PT DAYA PATRA NR. These activities serve as a means of refreshment for the employees of PT. DPNR after a full year's work and at the same time build the togetherness of all employees in terms of communication and teamwork.


In this occasion, the company's President Director MUHAMMAD MASHADI, ST, also convey some information regarding the standard of work that needs to be repaired in pt. DPNR. One of the things delivered by him through his speech he was about to fix the control documents against some of the activities of the Office. He also stressed to always do an improvement in all activities of the Office and also create a cosy atmosphere in the Office because 1/3 of our lives at the Office activities, as such will run well.

 Then proceed with the activities of outbound, in this activity participants following some event organizers have been prepared, i.e. having breakfast with inner power, motivation and team building, led by a team of outbound. As well as bringing the entertainment Orchestra with singers entertaining penyangi the event.

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