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#dpnr#, 21 Januari 2014

PT DAYA PATRA  is one of the construction companies in Indonesia that has been successfully operated for more than one decades.
We have completed over than thousands major and minor projects. This is becoming our huge proud.
Our successful is the results of the hard work and patient from our dedicated and discipline staffs to attain valuable and trustworthy product. 
The highest achievement was awarded from government and national private companies as our clients, such as: PT. TRIPATRA, JOB PERTAMINA-MEDCO E&P TOMORI SULAWESI, Along with the growth of the company in the field of development we have always put forward the maximum results.
Fundamental Values
  1. Integrity, Being honest, high standart of etic and moral
  2. Fairness, Being fair and beneficial
  3. Commitment, Dependable, full of responsibillity and persistent
  4. Discipline, Consistent to the purpose, strategic and policy
  5. Motivation, Strong will acomplish based on the interest and earnestness toward the triumphant
All values supported
  1. Strong human resource management
  2. Costumer satisfication
  3. Eminent company
  4. Creativity & Innovation
  5. Modesty

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PT DAYA PATRA NGASEM RAYA is a business entity service that work in the field of construction services, Procurement, & Engineering was founded on April 12, 2012.

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